Our roots

The presence of Co Trink in catering is in fact a continuation of a nearly seventy-year-old tradition in this area. Yes, 70 years! At those times and in the system which we lived in until the 1990s, private businesses were a real rarity – only very little agriculture, some craftsmen and a bit of catering.

Indeed, only a few in this area can boast with a long family business tradition. The parents of today’s Co Trink owner, Ivan and Matija Romić, have been successful and distinguished hosts and owners of cafe JELEN, located in their family house in Rakitno, all their lives.

They inherited and upgraded this catering trade far back in 1965 and spent all their lifetime and worktime there until their retirement. Unfortunately, mother Matija had not long enjoyed her retirement owing to her untimely death in 2001. Her funeral was on the infamous September 11 at 3:00 p.m. (9:00 a.m. NY time).

The tradition of family entrepreneurship brings us back even farther in the past. In fact, maternal grandparents, Veselko and Anica, were engaged in catering in the 1950s. They were owners of cafe POKLEČANI which was later replaced (in 1965) by the already mentioned cafe, i.e. catering business JELEN.

The cafe was run by grandma Anica while grandpa Veselko was also involved in trade. The grandfather, as one of the few literate people in the village, worked and ran a grocery store in the Agricultural Cooperative “RAKITNO” sometime from the late 1950s to his untimely death (at 57 years of age) in 1973. Both are remembered and mentioned as reputable and respected people, always willing to help others. We thank them!

Here we are, from the 1950s to today, in a successful private business, through catering, trade … through time. For almost seventy years, persistent and devoted, we have been investing our knowledge and work with pride, honestly and fairly, because without that it would not work. TRADITION!

Here we are today, with strong roots, rich heritage, proud, with a great burden to maintain the reputation and tradition of family heritage and the obligation to continue in at least the same high quality.

Here we are, for you and with you – our partners, on solid foundations and with the right values as before, ready for the new decades, ready to adapt, survive and prosper. Believe us, actually, be sure and count on it!

Signed by the present leadership and the generations to come!

Žarko Romić Džaja