Co Trink today

Co Trink doo is a private trading company founded in 1994 by partners Miro Lončar, Ante Mihalj and Žarko Romić. The company has been 100% owned by Žarko Romić since 1997, when the former partners, who are still connected by friendly and family ties, have gone their separate ways.

Co Trink is a continuation of two smaller family businesses: STR “TEA” (1991) and PP “ZAMIT” (1992) which have been extinguished since their activity was integrated into Co Trink’s business, thus ending the need for their existence.

Co Trink’s activity is trade, distribution and representation. The headquarters of the company are in the family house in Rakitno, Posušje municipality, where there is a retail facility, and a large modern store-warehouse is located in Posušje.

The company currently employs about 20 employees and systematically builds its distribution network through its partner companies and its own sales staff, or branch offices in Bihać, Banja Luka, Doboj, Bijeljina, Sarajevo and Vitez, and is present in the entire BiH in that way.

The primary area of interest is distribution through the HoReCa channel with the aim of expanding our product range, as well as the customer network. By building on the quality of service and mutual respect with our existing and new partners, we offer them a more complete service and better business conditions.