Tea is more than a drink; it’s a way of life

For tea lovers CoTrink offers Just T LIFEBRANDS products. It is an exclusive tea line made in Germany whose raw materials come mainly from India and China where teas of the highest quality have been manufactured for centuries. Just T cooperates only with selected manufacturers and over 50% of our product range is certified organic.

Just T offers richness of taste, 24 blends prepared to suit different tastes and adapt to different periods of the day: traditional black and green tea of different origin and varieties, and original herbal and fruit blends (peach, black currant, mint, apple, orange, vanilla etc.).

Just T products are available in six different types of packaging: in biodegradable bags made of natural materials, individually packaged for protection and preservation of aromatic substances, or tea leaves (in bulk) in elegantly designed tin boxes with an inner lid for optimum flavor and taste protection.

Just T

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