Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Co Trink doo is a trading company, predominantly a wholesaler of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with its own distributive network and delivery to the end customer.

We offer a rich program of various drinks: water, juices, beer, wine and spirits, both domestic and imported brands from various parts of the world.

We are proud of our longstanding cooperation with our partners, domestic manufacturers, importers and representatives of various world brands, whose sales programs are represented in our offer.

Our employees, distributors and merchants, equipped with a modern fleet, will respond to your demand and orders in the shortest time possible.

Party program

Our range of products and services includes a party offer, both for businesses and for private purposes, i.e. for individuals. We can facilitate the preparation of your celebration by delivering drinks and logistical support, providing you with beer kegerators, refrigerators or mobile coolers. Contact us with confidence!


A smaller part of Co Trink’s business is the retail segment. We also do business in a small but well-equipped market (the continuation of STR “TEA”) in our own facility in Rakitno. Although we do not intend to further develop the retail segment in the foreseeable future, we will certainly improve and preserve this section.