Aiming for perfection

Co Trink is the representative of the Italian company Procaffé SpA and the exclusive distributor of their leading brand Bristot, one of the most popular brands of Italian espresso coffee on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The success and the wide prevalence of coffee Bristot, in our country as well as the rest of the world (export to more than 60 countries) can be attributed to the pursuit of the best origin of the finest raw materials and the application of innovative roasting and packaging technology.

Espresso Bristot is the result of carefully selected best coffee varieties from South America and Central Asia, a wise combination for obtaining a particularly intense aroma, a velvety texture and a full flavor with which Italian espresso is known throughout the world.

Co Trink offers a rich assortment, a few mixtures of different kinds of fried coffee beans for bars and other professional catering facilities as well as cartridges/capsules for small coffee makers for easy preparation at home or in the office. CoTrink’s offer includes free rental of equipment, service and delivery across the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at no additional cost to the buyer.

Bristot Academy

The Bristot Academy is a college where Procaffé SpA holds interesting and entertaining courses for clients and partners in order to teach them how to make excellent espresso, cappuccino and various espresso cocktails, providing them with detailed information on equipment and techniques. The Academy was designed to promote creativity and original presentation of espresso culture, which separates their artists from the competition. It also organizes lectures on communication techniques aimed at consumers and making them feel perfectly at home when they come to the coffee bar. At the Bristot Academy, staff and bar owners can learn how to make their guests happy, how to improve their business, and thus increase their own profit.